GFR Ground Fault Protection Relays :

The GFR, ground fault protection system, is engineered to protect industrial equipment, including motors, transformers, and feeders from damage caused by low magnitude ground currents. The product works effectively on either high or low resistance grounded distribution.


GFR-2 Ground Fault Protection Relay
GFR-3 Ground Fault Protection Relay

Notice of Changes:
Skymatic GFR2 and GFR3 ground fault protection relays were in production for 4 decades. We are still planning to continue to manufacture these products. however, there will be some changes in relay output options: Mechanically latched option, related to output relays, will be discontinued after 2021 August 15, due to components obsolescence. This will be replaced with magnetically latched relay option. All other options ie Non latch and Electrically latched options will be available without any change.

Technical Information and Specifications for the GFR-2 and GFR-3, ground fault protection relays:

GFR-2 Technical Support
GFR-3 Technical Support

Ordering Information:

GFR-2 Ordering
GFR-3 Ordering